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Plumbing Issues That Could Be Signs Of Bigger Problems

Everyone deals with plumbing problems at some point. Maybe you have a leaky faucet, or a clogged drain. These problems can be dealt with pretty easily – in most cases, you can fix the problem yourself.

But not all plumbing problems are created equal.

Some seemingly innocuous plumbing issues can be signs of a more serious problem. In this piece, we’ll break down 4 (but really 6) of these issues – if you see them, more often than not, you should call a plumber. 

Slow drains, weak faucets

If your kitchen sink is draining slowly, or your bathroom sink’s faucet has slowed to a trickle, it’s usually nothing to worry about. When plumbing problems are restricted to one fixture, it’s almost always a problem with the fixture, not with your entire plumbing system. The kitchen sink is probably clogged, and the bathroom sink’s faucet probably needs a new aerator.

When all of your faucets aren’t working, on the other hand, it could mean there’s a problem with your water main. In the same vein, if all of your drains are draining slowly (or not at all), it’s likely a problem with your sewer line.

In both of these examples, the lines could be clogged. In the case of the water main, there could also be a leak. These are serious issues that could result in high bills and damage to your property – call a plumber.

Your toilet feels like an amusement park ride

Wobbly toilets are an interesting case. They aren’t always indicative of more serious plumbing problems – you could need to tighten your seat or the bolts that fasten the toilet to the floor. More seriously, the wax seal around your toilet may have failed, due to age or other factors. 

A failed seal is a serious plumbing problem – water could be eating away at your sub-floor. Call a plumber.

Discolored pipes, rattling pipes

Two problems for the price of one! A discolored, rusted pipe may be a sign that there’s a leak. This is an especially telltale sign at a union – a point where two pipes have been joined together. A small leak can quickly turn into a big one – the water in pipes is under a lot of pressure.

Rattling pipes, on the other hand, could be the sign of many problems – from water pressure that’s too high to water hammer. This rattling means your pipes are going through a lot of wear and tear – this can quickly lead to a pipe bursting.

Call an emergency plumber in Denver!

Strange smells

Strange smells are kind of like slow drains. When they’re only located in one place, there’s probably just a clog in that drain. When you smell sewage throughout your home, however, there’s a good chance that your entire sewer system is clogged up. Worse yet, sewage backup could be imminent – and that’s not a pleasant problem.

All of these issues have a few commonalities. They can mean a lot of money being wasted on your utility bills, and they can mean serious expenses if you don’t repair them. Looking for plumbing services in Denver? Give us a call. 
We can aslo perfrom water line repairs.

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