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Sewer Line Repair Services Denver

Your Local Sewer line Repair and installation Company

Sewer Repair in Denver

Sewer line repairs can take a toll on both your time and money. That’s why it is important to work with a company that does it right! We adjust the cost of each repair based on the resources required. Call us today and we’ll provide you with a free quote. When you combine expert workmanship with high-quality parts and technology, you get a plumbing company that offers superior service. At Master Rooter, our plumbers are not only highly-skilled, but they’re licensed, insured, and trained in the latest techniques. If you require a sewer line replacement, give us a call. We offer water line and sewer line repair in Denver.

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    Our Sewer Line Repair Process

    Using video inspection, we can identify the exact cause of your problem. This allows us to make a sewer line repair that is faster and less expensive for you.

    But what does a repair or replacement of your sewer line look like from start to finish? Here’s an inside look at our process:

    • Identify and mark all nearby utility lines. What we don’t want to do is solve one problem, but cause another. We take the time to mark all utility lines so that we can work safely and carefully within those parameters.
    • Prepare your yard for limited impact. We make all the necessary preparations to minimize any damage to the landscape of your property.
    • Excavate, repair, and replace broken lines and pipes. Our plumbers work with you to determine the right trenchless method for your sewer and/or water line repair.
    • Obtain proper permits and inspections from the city. Whenever permits are required, we make sure to apply for them.
    • Refill the excavation site(s) & clean the yard. Thanks to our trenchless repair methods, your landscape will endure minimal damage. However, we will still make sure to cover our tracks and clean up once we finish the job.

    What is a Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

    It’s one thing to fix a pipe that’s inside your home—but what if it’s underground? When you’re dealing with a sewer line, you have to get your hands dirty.

    If you picture a sewer line repair, you might envision a backyard that’s completely torn apart. This is the traditional method of sewer line repair. From the digging to the extensive labor involved, this technique is a huge hassle, and it comes at no small expense.

    But we utilize a more modern technique that results in less damage to your landscape. It also cuts down on costs. Better yet, this method is faster than a traditional repair. We’re talking about trenchless repair. This minimally invasive technique is the most efficient way to repair your sewer line. The name of this method comes from the fact that we won’t need to dig massive trenches in your lawn to access your plumbing system.

    When you call Master Rooter, we’ll inspect your property to see which trenchless method is most suitable for your repair or replacement.

    We Can Fix Your Sewer Problem

    You’ve probably dealt with a clogged drain or two in your life. But if you’ve ever had a sewer line backup before, then you know it’s a totally different ball game. If you need a sewer line repair, don’t hesitate to call Master Rooter!

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    Affordable Sewer Line Repair Services

    Our team of highly trained sewer line repair and installation technicians can effectively diagnose and repair your residential and commercial sewer line  problem today.

    sewer line repair denver

    What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

    Sinks that won’t drain, toilets that won’t flush, and taps that won’t run—if this sounds like your home, you might have a sewer line problem on your hands.

    If you want to avoid sewer line damage, here are a few tips:

    • Never pour grease or oil down the drain. When disposing of hot oil, pour it into a ceramic cup. Wait for it to cool and solidify, then scrape it into the garbage.
    • Maintain your sump pump. The sump pump in your basement is a mechanism that prevents flooding. It carries water away from your building and keeps the area dry. But if the sump pit gets clogged, it can cause a serious issue. A broken sewer line can lead to a rodent/insect infestation and mold growth. It’s the type of problem that you need a professional plumbing company to repair.

    Schedule annual sump pump maintenance so that you can prevent a sewer line backup from happening.

    How We Can Fix It

    If you’ve got a sewer line emergency, we’ve got the tools to fix it. At Master Rooter, we deal with pipes that are:

    • Cracked
    • Separated
    • Impacted by tree roots
    • and Back-pitched

    Based on the needs of your specific repair, we’ll adjust our strategy. We utilize relining techniques as well as pipe bursting. Our two main methods of trenchless pipe repair are:

    • Pipe relining

    This technique both repairs your pipes and keeps them strong for years to come. It’s also referred to as lateral pipe lining or cured-in-place piping. We apply a safe epoxy liner to the inside of your pipes. Next, we cure it so that it stays strong, seals cracks, and smooths any rough surfaces. This environmentally-friendly epoxy will make your pipes work very efficiently, as if they’re brand new. Since this method makes use of your existing pipes, you’ll save on the cost of extracting the old ones.

    • Pipe bursting

    During a sewer line replacement, you have a set of old and broken pipes blocking your path. But by employing our pipe bursting technique, we can safely and carefully break up the old pipes. This is achieved using a hydraulic or pneumatic head. Once they’re removed, we install new pipes of the same size. The result is a seamless, perfectly-matched sewer line replacement.

    Using these methods, Master Rooter offers sewer line repairs and replacements that are more affordable, more effective, and less time-consuming than our competitors do.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We strive to provide our residential and commercial customers with
    quality plumbing services that they can rely on throughout the years.
    From simple drain repairs to water heater installations and sewer
    excavations, you can count on us to avoid headaches by doing the job
    right the first time and everytime.

    We Can Fix Your Sewer Problem

    If you notice a strange odor in your home, be suspicious—it could be the smell of a broken sewer line. You’ve got to act fast if this is the case. A broken sewer line is more than an inconvenience and a mess. It’s also a health hazard. Sewage waste exposes anyone nearby to harmful bacteria, including E. Coli and Salmonella. For the safety of your family members or employees, schedule a sewer line repair ASAP.

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