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HVAC Repair & Installation Services

HVAC Repair & Installation in Denver

Do you need an HVAC unit repaired or installed? We are here to help! People in Denver, CO are familiar with hot summers and chilly winters. They rely on their HVAC systems to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature all 12 months of the year. When your unit isn’t functioning at its peak performance, you’ll definitely notice it. That’s why you need dependable and honest HVAC repair and installation technicians. At Master Rooter, we’re happy to provide heating and cooling services to our customers 24/7.

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    When Do You Need HVAC Repair?

    Worried that your heating and cooling system is on the rocks? Keep an eye out for these warning signs:

    • Your indoor air quality is poor.

    Has your home taken on a strange odor recently? It could be your HVAC system. You may also notice an increase in dust and moisture in your home, which indicates that your unit isn’t keeping up. 

    • The airflow is restricted.

    The air coming out of your vents is the right temperature, but it’s blowing so weakly that it hardly makes a difference.

    • It’s short cycling. 

    You’re familiar with the distinct noise of your HVAC system switching off and on, but what if you’re hearing it more frequently? It could be an issue with your thermostat, or perhaps your unit isn’t the proper size for your home—only an experienced HVAC technician will be able to determine the precise cause.

    • The air isn’t warm or cool.

    After you adjust your thermostat, you wait patiently for your heating or cooling system to kick in. But then an hour or two passes, and the temperature stays the same. Your HVAC system just can’t keep up anymore.

    If you notice any of these issues with your air conditioning or heating system, call Master Rooter, a local HVAC company.

    Repairing & Diagnosing Issues

    We can repair all kinds of HVAC systems in Denver, CO, like:

    -Forced air gas furnaces

    -Electric furnaces

    -Radiant heating 

    -Water heaters


    But before a repair can begin, we need to identify the cause behind the issue first. This is what our troubleshooting process looks like:

    1. We ensure that your system can start up by force cycling the thermostat between the “cool” and “heat” positions. Then, we set the thermostat below or above the indoor temperature shown on the thermostat. 
    2. If the system doesn’t start, we check the circuit breakers at the electrical panel and make sure they are all turned on.
    3. Next, we check the outdoor unit “disconnect switch” to make sure it’s in the “ON” position. 
    4. We check that the Safety Shut Off Switch is in the “ON” position.
    5. Our technicians inspect the air filter and ensure that nothing is restricting airflow. 
    6. Finally, we make sure the return air grilles and supply air registers are not blocked by furniture. They should be open and blowing air.
    Denver HVAC Repair

    How We Repair HVAC Systems

    To make sure that your HVAC system is functioning correctly, we check the following parts: 

    -Outdoor condensing unit

    -Indoor coil

    -Condensate drain pan, drain line, and P-trap

    -The wiring and control unit

    -Blower assembly

    -The thermostat operation and programming

    -Suction and discharge pressure

    -Supply and return air static pressures

    -Safety controls

    -Electrical components

    -Ensure the temperature drops when it’s set to cool and rises on heat

    -The motor amps & voltage to equipment are correct

    -Blower speed

    -Refrigerant lines & leaks

    Finally, we cycle the equipment to verify operation.

    We also clean the

    -Filter (or replace it)

    -Control panel

    -Condensing unit

    What Sets Us Apart

    At Master Rooter, we only employ highly-trained and skilled technicians. We don’t cut corners—we’re committed to delivering high-quality and dependable service to our customers in the Denver Metro Area.

    – Our services are cost-effective.

    There’s a reason why our customers trust our services. We get the job done right the first time, every time. Thanks to our precise diagnostic and repair process, we consistently deliver the best solutions for all your HVAC problems.

    – We’re always open!

    At Master Rooter, we know how crucial it is to have a functioning HVAC system. You can reach us at any time, 365 days a year.

    Looking For HVAC Repair In Denver, CO?

    The sooner you call for air conditioning repair, the sooner you can get back to enjoying clean and comfortable indoor air.

    For all your heating and air conditioning needs, call Master Rooter. We can troubleshoot, repair, and install new units. Contact us today for high-end service from certified HVAC professionals.

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