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Main Water Line Repair & Installation

Your Local Main Water Line Repair Company

Many of the machines and systems that we use every day rely on a core component. A car needs a steering wheel, a computer needs a power source, and your plumbing system needs a main water line. Without question, water is essential to our lives. It’s something we need every day to drink, prepare food, and keep clean. When you have an issue with your main water line, you need a plumbing company that’s dependable and honest. That’s what you’ll get when you work with Master Rooter.

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    Signs That You Need A Main Water Line Repair

    As the saying goes, when it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. Since your main water line is underground, you may not think about it often. But this mechanism is central to the performance of your plumbing system. If you notice the following signs, you could have a problem with your water line:

    • Low water pressure. What’s more annoying than stepping into a hot shower, only to realize that the water pressure is pitifully weak? There could be a blockage in the water line that’s restricting the flow.
    • The water is discolored. Your tap water should always be crystal clear. Any brownish tint indicates that something’s wrong with your plumbing system, like a corroded water line.
    • Your water bill is increasing. Do you suspect an issue with your main water line? If so, look at your utility bills over the last year. If you notice a steady increase, your water line may be leaking.

    Once you do the math, you might realize that you’re spending hundreds of dollars each month due to wasted water.

    • Check the grass on your property. It may sound odd, but you should also check your backyard. Are there any wet spots on the lawn, or grass that’s especially green near your water pipe? These signs all point to a leaking water line. The excess water is getting absorbed by the soil, which creates patches of extra green grass.

    A water line leak can damage the foundation and landscape of your home. The longer it’s left untreated, the more damage it will do.

    How To Tell If My Main Water Line Is Leaking?

    If you’ve got a water line problem, it isn’t always obvious. How do you know if there’s a leak when you can’t see the pipes?

    To identify a leak, we start by shutting off all water fixtures and valves. Then, we’ll take a look at the water meter outside your home. If water is still flowing even though we’ve shut it off, we can be sure that there’s a leak.

    The next step is determining the location. At Master Rooter, we’re the leak detection experts. Our plumbers utilize specialized tools and equipment to detect the location of a leak. During our assessment, we’ll determine if you require a main water line replacement or repair. We’ll identify and diagnose the problem in no time—it’s why we’re known as the best leak detection team in Denver, CO

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    Our Process

    Once we’ve identified the issue, we’ll get straight to work on solving it. Our plan of action includes the following:

    • Identifying and marking all nearby utility lines. This ensures that we perform our repairs safely and without causing any damage.
    • Preparing your yard for limited impact. It’s always our goal to impact your landscape as little as possible, which is why we utilize trenchless water line replacement when possible.
    • Excavating, repairing, and replacing broken lines and pipes. During this stage, we carry out the detailed plan that we’ve created according to your specific circumstances.
    • Obtaining proper permits and inspections from the city. At Master Rooter, we do things by the book. We always obtain permits and schedule inspections when necessary.
    • Refilling the excavation site(s) and cleaning the yard. You never want your yard to look like you just had a water line repair. We cover up our tracks so that you’ll forget we were ever there!


    We adapt our strategy based on the needs of your specific water line repair. Depending on the urgency of the repair, the accessibility of the water line, and the size of the job, we’ll adjust our tool selection accordingly. A trenchless water line replacement allows us to solve your problem without tearing apart your landscape in the process.

    Our goal is to provide quick repairs that have a minimal impact on your property and yard.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We strive to provide our residential and commercial customers with
    quality plumbing services that they can rely on throughout the years.
    From simple drain repairs to water heater installations and sewer
    excavations, you can count on us to avoid headaches by doing the job
    right the first time and everytime.

    We Can Fix Your Main Water Line Problem

    Your home needs running water. Think about how many appliances you own that rely on it: your dishwasher, your shower, and your laundry machine. Any problems with your water line will cause a serious inconvenience. As soon as you need a main water line or sewer line repair, contact Master Rooter in Denver, CO. When you need a full-service plumbing company, you can count on us.

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